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Childbirth Classes in English

Childbirth Classes for Couples

Childbirth classes explore topics related to pregnancy, labour and birth, and early infant care. Information and discussions cover a wide range of topics, such as adjusting to the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, breath awareness and relaxation methods, understanding labour and birth, managing pain and using comfort measures, what to expect after your baby is born, making an informed infant feeding decision, breastfeeding, parenthood, strengthening your circle of support and learning about community resources.

This class is for one weekend (Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday). The partner fee is 144 €.

TagDatumHebammeUhrzeitKursraumfreie Plätze
Fr.15.11.2024 - 17.11.2024Anne Simon-Rauber18:00 - 20:00Präsenzkurs im 1. (EG)9Anmeldung

Prenatal class with Hypnobirthing

This prenatal class focuses on planning for a positive and informed birth, regardless of what path your birth journey takes. The program teaches you techniques on how to breathe, to relax, and trust your body to instinctively do what it is made to do. It is designed to empower women and their birth partners to create positive birth experiences, because birth matters and a positive birth experience offers lifelong benefits for Mum, baby, and families. 

All birth choices should be respected, and this program provides a non-judgmental approach to learning about your body and how to make informed choices, whilst remaining calm, confident and in control during the birth of your baby. ​I strongly believe that knowledge is power and preparation is key, so you can feel calm, relaxed and confident in your decisions for you to have the right birth on the day. 

Please feel free to contact me: grit.brokopp@gmx.de

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